Easyjet Plus: what is it and is it worth your money?

Flying can be fun and exciting if you are a first-timer. But when the travel is not arranged well, you can find yourself frustrated. Especially when you are a frequent flyer, it can get tiring and boring. This is why Easyjet have launched their membership: Easyjet Plus, which allows you to travel comfortably for only £199 a year. But what is it exactly and is it worth your money? Breaks.com have found out for you, so you can make up your mind on whether you want to be part of the ‘Plus’-programme!

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What are the benefits?

  1. Select any seat on the plane, completely free of charge. Do you prefer to sit by the window or aisle? Would you like to sit at the front, back or middle? As an Easyjet Plus member, you can choose your own seating, without having to pay extra.
  2. Dedicated bag drop desks. Walk into the airport and skip the queue with your Easyjet-Plus membership. Look out for ‘EasyJet Plus desks’, for you to save time at the airport to grab a bite or do some shopping.
  3. Fast track security. Just like your bag drop, you can bypass the queue for security with dedicated ‘Easyjet Plus security lines’. Note! This service is only provided at selected airports.
  4. Speedy boarding. Be the first on the plane with your Easyjet Plus membership. This gives you time to get your bag safely tucked away and get you settled in your seat. Just show your boarding pass to the ground crew to use this service.
  5. Additional cabin bag. Us at Breaks.com find that this is the most useful benefit of your Easyjet Plus membership! This saves you the hassle of stuffing everything in your small case, as you can carry another small bag on you. Find the sizes of the allowed cabin luggage here.
  6. Price promise. As an Easyjet Plus member, you are promised a refund of the price difference in the case of you finding the same flight at a lower price. Terms and conditions for this can be found here.
  7. Get an earlier flight for free. In the case that you show up at the airport with much time to spare, you can inquire about an earlier flight to your destination at the Easyjet desks. Is there one available? You can get on this flight for free as an Easyjet Plus member!

breaks.com video guide to easyJet Plus Card membership:

How much does easyJet Plus membership cost?

The standard fee for easyJet Plus is £199 a year. You can make a small saving if you buy it from a flight attendant during your next trip but the most popular place to buy is online via the easyJet Plus website.

How to upgrade to easyJet plus?

It is easy to upgrade to easyJet plus online before you book your next easyJet flight. Simply visit the “Become a member” page, complete the form and pay the annual membership fee. While upgrading to an easyJet membership, you will be asked basic information such as your name and address. The next step of the process will give you an opportunity to put additional memberships to your account. Skip this stage if you just want a membership card for yourself.

Place your order and you will be an easyJet Plus member!


Additionally, Easyjet has partnered up with different companies to give you some extra benefits to your Plus membership:

  1. Europcar: Book and pay for an Economy vehicle hire and you will get upgraded to a Compact at no extra cost.
  2. Parking: Easyjet Plus members get 15% discount on onsite parking, and 20% discount on offsite parking.
  3. Airport lounges: You can travel comfortably with the lounges airports would like to invite you in. Get 20% off on UK lounges and 10% on EU lounges.
  4. HolidayTaxis: Enjoy 10% discount on your pre-booked transfer. Log in on your Easyjet Plus account here to make use of this offer.
  5. As an easyJet Plus Card Member you can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on your pre-paid transfer from the airport when you book through this link.

As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming an Easyjet Plus member. However, we can recommend it only if you are a frequent flyer, as this is the type of program which proves to be most beneficial if used a lot! If you travel with Easyjet regularly and like to travel comfortably, purchase your Easyjet Plus membership here!

easyJet Plus membership telephone number

You can get in touch with easyJet using the following local telephone numbers:

United Kingdom0330 365 5000
Austria0820 320 950
Croatia0601 90199
Denmark458988 1032
France0820420 315
Germany01806060 606
Greece211198 0013
Italy199201 840
Portugal70750 0176
Spain902599 900
Switzerland0848 282828
Netherlands0900 040 1048
Rest of World+44330 3655454

You can also speak to the easyJet customer service team via their free online live chat. Visit this page between 8am and 8pm to speak to a representative.

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  3. I’m sorry to rain on the Easyjet Plus Membership parade but I have to disagree with the benefits of this fraudulent orange abomination. I regretfully purchased the said crap on board, paid 189GPB and was issued a temporary card with a voucher code which was invalid. I’ve contacted them by all means possible, including social media, provided the receipt, bank statements and no one seems to take any accountability for it. I kid you not, I’m now on my 10th Customer Service Agent who’s asked for my proof of purchase in order to “escalate the case” to a mysterious team who won’t get back to me.

    I STRONGLY discourage any traveler from purchasing this crap on board and do it the old fashioned way – if at all. They don’t honor nor do they bother to support you if shit hits the fan like it has for me. I’ve no problem flying with them and I will continue to fly with them but the benefits of this membership are NOT worth it. BUYER BEWARE!

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