Top 5 getaways for seniors in 2019

Everyone needs some time away every now and then. Especially for older travellers, a ‘bucket list’ with places to visit is usually a motivation for booking a trip away. With the freedoms that retirement bring, there is usually more flexibility with time and location. Although it can seem tricky to find a destination for your holiday with arrangements that you might need, this does not have to be the case! Whether you are in a couple, or trying out over 50s dating, the below list sums up our top 5 destinations for seniors in 2019.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon is famous for its vintage trams. These trams are not just great for the pictures, they are also a handy way to travel around the city! The more modern metro is also a good option for those who are not as easy on foot. The temperatures in Lisbon are pleasant, especially in late spring or early autumn when it is not too hot. The city has got great history to offer and you will surely the squares where you can enjoy a coffee (or glass of wine!) whilst watching all the people go by.

  1. Ocean cruise

Cruise ship

Going on a cruise is a great holiday for seeing the world without too much intense travel. There are no uncomfortable
airplanes involved with long queues by the gates and security: you simply board the cruise and enjoy. But don’t think a cruise is just something to do with your partner: just like older dating sites, a cruise is generally a great place to meet new people if you are an older single. With themed cruises being up and coming (like music, theatre, golf or food), you can meet like minded people whilst travelling the world!

  1. Canary Islands

    canary islands

The Canary Islands are famous for their spectacular and diverse landscape. From beaches to volcanos, mountains to flat lanscape, the Canaries have it all! The four largest islands, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, are popular with all kinds of travellers. However, these islands are especially well-equipped for older travellers, as there are many walking and cycling routes. The islands have countless options of comfortable hotels and fantastic restaurants. Furthermore, especially in the summer months, the islands are bustling with activities that will be fun for you and your partner! If you are feeling quite adventurous and fancy some island hopping, ferry travel between the islands is very easy.

  1. Thailand

thailandWell-known for its friendly culture and hospitality, Thailand is a wonderful option for a long haul travel. Thailand has plenty to offer for the older traveller: hundreds of beaches, spa hotels, amazing food, numerous temples and a chance to see some fantastic wildlife. Although the island of Phuket has a reputation for its party-goers, this island actually had a great collection of spa hotels and peaceful beaches. In Chaing Mai, the second largest city of Thailand, you can easily walk or cycling due to there not being much traffic. There are many food markets and three famous temples to visit. Looking for nature and wildlife? Khao Lak is well worth a visit, with its Khao Sok national park, hot springs and beautiful beaches.

  1. Oman

omanLooking for something a bit different this year? Why not put Oman on your list? This Arabian country is increasing in popularity and we can see why. Oman has plenty to offer for all kinds of traveller, from active to more relaxed. The country has hundreds of years of history, which reflects in the fact that it has four (!) UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit. It is home to castles, ancient cave drawings and equally as important: plenty of spa hotels. Whether you would like to explore Oman’s fantastic foods, history, nature or just want a warm place to relax – this country will take top spot in 2019!

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