Travel Bloggers To Follow – 2019

We spent a lot of time reading travel blogs, scrolling through Instagram feeds and watching travel vlogs. To help you discover more quality travel content, we have done a roundup of the travel bloggers to watch in 2019.

Top Travel Bloggers 2019

There are so many content creators who do exceptional work in the travel space so we will keep a track and share the best as we see them throughout 2019.

Vicky Flip Flop


This blog is both beautifully designed and well-written. Whether you want to get some tips on things to do in a far flung Asian country or ways of discovering your home city, Vicky has the answers. Always easy and fun to read, it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular UK travel blogs.

The standout article on VFF for us was her thought-provoking piece in response to the devastating case of a backpackers death in New Zealand. Titled, Solo Travel Is a Feminist Issue, this article needs to be on your reading list.

Top pick:

Hand Luggage Only


How many of us now only travel using what we can carry on and stow away in a plane cabin? As soon as you land on Hand Luggage Only, you can’t help but notice the picture-perfect photography on display. Say goodbye to stock images and hello to art.

If you can take your eyes away from the pictures then the articles offer commentary that is well worth a read! Our standout pick from HLA is the photo diary page. Browse and enjoy!

Top pick:

Backpacks and Bunkbeds


Travel blogging doesn’t have to be all about luxury trips around the world. Neil proves that it is possible to travel on a budget while having a normal job. With over 40 countries visited, Neil is well-positioned to give advice and tips on how to navigate the world without breaking the bank.

We particularly like the interactive map which makes searching for articles easy and fun. Click on a country and you’ll be taken to a page full of articles that have been posted on Backpacks and Bunkbeds. If there isn’t an article on the site, Neil kindly directs you to another bloggers article on the topic – handy!

Top pick: Use the map on this page to start your adventure.

Along Dusty Roads


So it appears that along dusty roads you can find beautiful blogs. Andrew and Emily are, for many, couple goals. Travelling the world together, writing about their experiences and snapping away to share with the rest of us! The story of how they started this adventure is inspirational and will make you want to pack a bag and do your own version of their Morocco trip.

Top pick: Explore this blog through their Instagram first and let it guide you through their content. Use the stories they have curated and lose yourself in the pictures.


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While not as regularly updated as others on the list, Josh from LOOKDWN has been blogging for long enough that the archives will keep you entertained! With a bias towards London content, we should certainly take a search and read before your next Big Smoke visit. Want to know how to avoid the crowds in the bustling Covent Garden? Josh tells you how.

Top pick: a comprehensive list of places to visit in London. This list was created by the author for his own benefit but acts as a superb guide for your own adventure.

Artisan Traveller


This busy couple from Leicestershire provide an incredible amount of value in their regular insightful posts about travel, food and drink. Whether you are looking for places to visit in the UK or further afield, Chris and Ali have you covered! More than just words, this talented duo have also put their creative energy in to videos.

Top pick: want to take in the sights of Paris for free? You need to watch this video:

Wander With Jo


The words are accompanied with beautiful images throughout this blog. One of the elements that makes this blog from Jo standout is the sheer breadth of destinations covered; from Asia to America and back to Australia, you can really wander the world with Jo.

Top pick: Having recently visited Amsterdam and discovered some tasty Indonesian food at Mama Makan, I can’t wait to visit the country itself. That is the reason my top pick from Wander With Jo is “10 Fun Things To Do In Gili Trawangan.

Crafty Explorer


Camille from France is an Oceania travelling guru! Fully committed to exploring the world on a budget and sustainably, reading the posts on Crafty Explorer are often inspirational to read. If you are planning on travelling to Australia, New Zealand or Fiji in 2019 then you should give this blog a thorough read!

Top pick: we should all try to be more sustainable travellers and Camille gives you practical tips on how to make that a reality. Find out how to reduce your plastic waste on your next trip with this guidance.

This is a living and breathing article so will evolve over the coming weeks. Who do you think should be on this list? Email [email protected] / comment below with suggestions!

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