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Being responsible for booking a party venue is a big responsibility. It might be for an office party with many people to please, or it might be for a group of friends for a valuable bit of catch-up! Whatever the reason, finding the right venue is crucial to making sure the party is one to remember.

Take a look through this handy guide to find the best party venues in York. We’ve covered all eventualities too, with hand-picked venues for sophisticated gatherings, full-on parties, weddings, and even a few quirky hidden gems!

Bedern Hall

If you’re looking for a grand venue steeped in history, Bedern Hall is that and so much more. This medieval hall is a Grade II listed building, was originally part of the College of the Vicars Choral and is now a beautiful venue specialising in all sorts of meetings. Business meetings, weddings, celebrations, Sunday lunches, family events; whatever the reason for hiring this amazing space, the money you pay to hire the hall goes directly back to fund the preservation of the building for future use.

With in-house catering available, you’ll have everything you need for a memorable event right here.

Must-try: The venue offers an afternoon tea service, with homemade jam for the all-important scones. Milk alternatives are also available on request.

Customer reviews: With an impressive 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor, customers are full of praise for the venue. Notable comments are in appreciation of the staff welcome, the ambience, and of course, the delicious food!

Address: Bartle Garth, St Andrewgate, YO1 7AL



If you need a venue that can serve it all, Revolution in York is here for you. There are so many party packages on offer, whether you need a hen do or stag do planning or a birthday party to surprise your best friend.

Their welcome reception includes a luxury bottle service, and they have a number of food options available to pick from. For office parties, check out the bar tab option for easy ordering on the night, as well as the team building events.

Must-try: Revolution is the go-to place for cocktails. Whether you’re a traditional Long Island Iced Tea sort of person, or you want to try something new like the Butterfly Effect, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We also love that the venue has created ‘designated driver’ non-alcoholic cocktails too. They’re much more than just the standard menu creations sans the booze too, as these have been crafted to taste as good as their alcoholic counterparts. There’s the citrusy Smooth Talker, or the very aptly named blueberry jam-infused Designated Driver!

Customer reviews: Customers have praised the staff, offering complements by name over on TripAdvisor. The food, particularly their pizza, has also been applauded.

Address: 1 Coney St, YO1 9QL


York’s Chocolate Story

For a venue with a sweet twist, look no further than York’s Chocolate Story. With quality service and amazing party potential all wrapped up in a quirky package, this venue is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Hire out their Factory Zone and you and your party of guests will be treated to a private drinks service, private evening tour of the building, and many other activities. There’s even an educational nod in this one, as the tour will show you and your guests the history of York’s amazing chocolatiers.

You can even have a go at making your own signature chocolate! You can choose the colours, filling, and design for your own unique chocolate.

Must-try: Naturally…the chocolate!

Customer reviews: People are loving this unique experience, and there’s particular comments on the exciting chance to create your own chocolate.

Address: King’s Square, YO1 7LD


Beach House

If your dream party would be working on your tan, sipping a fruity cocktail and just relaxing…we have good news. You can do this in York!

No, you don’t need to wait and pray the summer is a scorcher. The Beach House in York provides that holiday vibe all year round. They have fresh, healthy smoothies on offer in their beach-themed cafe, as well as freshly made sandwiches, quiches, and meals. With tanning units on hand and summer-vibes from delicious cocktails, you and your group can enjoy a summer holiday-style party whenever you want.

Must-try: The Skittles cocktail has many fans smiling, and their bacon cheeseburger is sure to hit the spot.

Customer reviews: With glowing reviews on social media, customers are quick to praise the warm welcome of the staff who all went the extra mile to make sure they had the best experience.

Address: Pocklington, 71-73 Market Street



Sometimes, you want your party to be totally different. If going out for drinks is starting to feel a little stale, shake it up a bit with some brain-teasing puzzle rooms at GR8escape.

They have three different rooms for teams to battle through: the New York room, the Spy School room, and the Space room.

The New York room is a 4-star difficulty with a success rate of 33%. It sees groups tackle a potential crime scene! Your warrant lasts one hour, so you’ll need to move quickly with your friends as you search the apartment for a stolen diamond…

The Spy School room is rated as 3-star difficulty, with a 40% success rate. You and your team will need to find your Spy School graduation diploma hidden somewhere in the room. If you can’t find the combination to the safe within an hour, it’ll be game over. Resit the year, rookies!

Finally, if you and your group want a real challenge, check out the 5-star difficulty Space Room. With just 30% of groups succeeding here, you’ll need your wits about you to restart your ship’s damaged engine before the black hole consumes your craft…

Must-try: If you’re new to escape rooms, customers have suggested the Spy School room is a great introduction to the game.

Customer reviews: With an amazing 5/5 on TripAdvisor, you’re sure to hit a winner for your party here. Customers have commented on the intricate, puzzling fun of the rooms, as well as the helpfulness of the staff.

Address: 4A Colliergate, YO1 8BP



With your party venue sorted, all that’s left is for you and your friends to decide on outfits! Time to get your party dresses out and decide which to wear…

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