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Short Breaks To Italy

There are endless possibilities for short breaks to Italy. Whether you want towns or countryside, art or shopping, the variety is huge. Wherever you go, you can be assured of la dolce vita, with good food, wine, and a relaxed approach to life.

If you choose a city break you will find history, fine architecture, and countless bars and restaurants. However, every city has its own unique character: Rome for history, Venice and Florence for art and architecture, or Milan for fashion. Music lovers will aim for the opera in Milan or Verona, or for music festivals in smaller towns across the country.

For visitors who prefer the countryside, Italy can offer lakes, mountains, and even the odd volcano. You can explore nature reserves, vineyards, or Tuscan hill towns. There is some spectacular coastline, including the famous Amalfi Drive and the cliff top villages of the Cinque Terre. There are islands large and small: from Sicily and Sardinia, to the tiny but popular Capri.

If you want a break with beaches, sun, and shopping, you will find it in Italy. For those who are more active, the mountains of the north provide skiing in winter, and walking in summer. You can take activity holidays, too, perhaps to learn to paint or to cook the way the Italians do. There is so much to do that one short break is unlikely to be enough: you will find the distinctive Italian culture and hospitality everywhere, but the experience will be different every time.

Things to Do and See

Artworks and Artists

Italian artists created some of the most well-known and respected works of art exhibited today, with creations from Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael on prominent display in spectacular locations like the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. The Tuscan capital city of Florence was also the birthplace of Europe’s Renaissance period.

Colosseum in Rome Italy
Iconic Buildings

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an image often associated with Italy, which is home to a wealth of famous buildings including the iconic Colosseum and Pantheon of Rome.

Italian Coastal Towns Manarola
Italy’s Coastal Towns

When first visiting Italy, destinations such as Rome, Florence and Venice are often at the top of people’s places to go list. If you have already been there or would prefer to take a break somewhere with a beach, then the Italian coast is ideal. The stunning Amalfi Coast (close to Naples), is perfect for walking holidays or relaxing on the beach and is surrounded by a beautiful, rugged coastline.

AC Milan Live Italy
Live Football Matches

Home to AC Milan, world football’s most successful club, a Serie A football match in Italy offers anyone on a short break here the opportunity to experience the atmosphere generated by the passionate Italian football supporters in one of Europe’s great stadiums such as the San Siro in Milan (home of both AC and Inter Milan).

Shopping in Italy Rome

Many of the biggest names in the fashion world are Italian while Milan is amongst the 4 fashion capitals of the world. This influence can be felt throughout the country with the majority of Italy’s major cities offering excellent opportunities for a shopping spree.

Romans Italy
The Romans

Rome was the heart of a civilisation famous for its levels of indulgence and for having an influence over Europe that can be still felt to this day. One of history’s more fascinating periods of time, visitors to Rome can find out more about ancient Roman civilisation and view some of their colossal achievements which are still standing, even after 2,000 years.

Italian Spaghetti Bolognese
Traditional Italian Food

Italian food enjoys the status of being one of the world’s most popular and widespread cuisines. But for genuine authenticity and recipes generations old, there really is no substitute for eating an Italian meal in one of the many excellent restaurants than can be found in any town or city. There is more to Italian food than just pizza and pasta, including regional delicacies which contribute to the individual identity of each of Italy’s regions.

Italian Vineyards Winery Italy
Wine Tasting and Vineyards

Italy is renowned for being one of the great wine producing countries and other significant wine producing regions of the world were established by Italian immigrants. Given this long standing association, the Italian countryside and its vineyards are a more than suitable setting for a little wine tasting and learning more about wine.

Where to Go

Forum Romanum Roman Forum Rome in Italy

Rome remains one of Europe’s most popular destinations for a weekend break away, having plenty to offer all visitors in terms of things to see and do. With many of the ancient buildings and structures still standing, visiting Rome can feel like exploring a bygone era.
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Venice Canal Italy

Considered one of Europe’s most romantic cities, Venice is set across a number of islands, connected together by bridges and boats. Famed for its beauty, artworks, and highly distinctive architecture with buildings and canals tightly integrated to create an Italian phenomenon.
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  • Taste the best of authentic Italian cuisine
  • Ride a gondola through the Venetian canals
  • Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  • View renaissance masterpieces by artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci
  • Learn more about the ancient Romans, Europe’s greatest empire

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