Best apps to use on your next trip

The world of travel applications goes far beyond the traditional use for booking hotels, renting properties by season or comparing airline tickets. In the virtual stores of Android, iOS and Windows systems there are program options that assist with booking the transportation to your hotel in advance or teaching you the best way to pack your travel luggage. Here are some options:


This app, available on Google Play and the App Store, can help those who are always in doubt about how to pack. It calculates what the traveller needs to carry in the luggage, including information such as date and travel time, activities, location and purpose. This enables you to always have a neat suitcase and be prepared for any situation.


Available for Android and iPhones, this app is a travel manager. It gathers all information related to your itinerary (flight number, hotel reservation, restaurants and shows, places of interest). All this from the confirmation emails that arrive in the user’s inbox. Very useful!


The app lets you compare over 1,000 flight options in just seconds. With the SkyScanner app, you can also buy direct tickets from airlines or travel agencies. It is always a good idea to cut down costs on your plane tickets.

Wi-fi Finder

This is a very useful application for the life of a traveller. It tracks and identifies free wi-fi access points in about 145 countries. This is really cool! It searches for places close to you, through the search of specific regions and establishments. There is a version for iOS, Android and Windows phone.


This app identifies your location and lists banks, hospitals, hotels, gas stations, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, theatres and even taxi points close by. Very useful for locating required services during your trip!


For shopping enthusiasts, this app is a welcome treat! A converter of clothing, shoes, coins, temperatures, etc. Very useful when shopping in a new environment.

Tripps App

This is an app designed to help you organise all the steps of your trip. By putting some information, such as city and date of stay, you can see different options of attractions in the place. In addition, it can show you what else has to do with your profile, according to your interests, such as gastronomy or art.

XE Currency

If you are like most and have no idea how much 1,343,958 Vietnamese dongs are worth in dollars, use the XE currency exchange app to decipher these crazy conversions. Remember to update exchange rates before traveling to always avail the best rates.


When traveling to a new country or city, you may be confused about transportation there. With the Taxi2Airport app, you will reduce the stress of your travels by receiving the best solution for your transfer to and from the airport and your hotel. Whether you are on a family holiday, a single traveller or a business trip, there are numerous options for each situation. Reservations are made online and it is ensured that once you arrive at the airport someone will be waiting to pick you up. A great way to start your trip! You can also make the reservation through the company website.

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