Cheap Flight Club

Welcome to the Cheap Flight Club from breaks.com! We find flight deals and cheap fares that airlines accidentally release to the public. If you are looking for a cheap holiday, make sure you are on our free Cheap Flight Club list by signing up below.

Cheap Flight Club

What is the Cheap Flight Club?

The Cheap Flight Club is a private members group for savvy holidaymakers. The club is free to join and you will get email alerts when our cheap travel experts find something that you should know about! This could be an error fare that an airline has online for a very short time, a new route launch that has some cheap promotional routes, a travel discount or deal and throw-away leg fares to save you £000’s on your travel.

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How does a flight club work?

A cheap flight club is a closed group of travel lovers who want to save money on flights. There are huge savings to be had on both short and long-haul flights from the UK so experts analyse the market and send members alerts. All UK airports are included in the search so you will receive email alerts as soon as a genuine offer is found.

How much does the flight club cost to join?

It’s free! Simply enter your email address and you will be part of the club. The team decide what deals to send out depending on how good they. The factors considered include: destination, price, time of flight and the reputation of the companies offering the deal.

Sometimes, the breaks.com Cheap Flight Club will get a small commission from companies that members of the group book via. You will see a * next to these companies in the deal alerts. This doesn’t change the price you pay or whether we will send it out or not, it is just our way of keeping the club free for members.

How often will I get a flight deal alert?

You will only get an email from the cheap flight club if there is something worth sharing! Typically, you will receive 2 emails a week about cheap flight and holiday deals. As well as flights, you will be alerted if there are some fantastic hotel or villa promotions that you can take advantage of.

How else can I save money on my holiday?

Holidays don’t have to break the bank and by using breaks.com you can save money on travel insurance, get the best car hire rates and the cheapest transfers from airports to your destination. If you are looking to visit attractions or events then you can often save money by booking in advance.

You should check the latest working travel discount codes and vouchers to see if you can save money on flights, hotels and tourist attractions. If you are feeling lucky then you should enter some travel competitions.

Jack’s Flight Club

One of the most popular flight clubs in the UK is Jack’s Flight Club. You can read our review of Jack’s Flight Club and sign up for free.

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