World food guide to London

London is a melting pot of cultures and that results in a hub of culinary excellence in the capital city. This guide takes you through some of the most popular cuisines and where to enjoy them in London.


Chinese is one of the most popular cuisines in the UK and there are options aplenty. With so much choice, it is important to make the right one so that you don’t leave the Big Smoke disappointed. Chinatown in Soho is the natural place to start and there are some superb restaurants on offer as you walk down the famous street.

Set your compass for West to taste the best of the East in London. Bayswater is home to the Gold Mine and, as the name suggests, is a treasure trove. Famous for roast meats, the Gold Mine offers the best duck dishes in town and should be included in your order. Leave the hustle and bustle of Chinatown behind and head to the Gold Mine for a meat feast.


Italian food can often be seen as the safe option but that doesn’t have to mean boring. Chain restaurants are littered throughout the city that will offer you pizza and pasta but the authentic Italian experience takes a bit more research to obtain! If you are looking for the best of the best then head North to Islington’s finest, Trattoria.

The clean white linen-covered tables are nearly always filled with patrons so it is highly advisable to book in advance. Dine on some antipasti and indulge on ragu with the pasta of you choice (all made on-site each day). The daily menu change will keep even the most regular visitors’ tastebuds on their toes!

Set your satnav for Trattoria and you won’t regret it!


Brick Lane is infamous when it comes to the world of curries. There are so many options so click here to find a place that suits you. If you need some guidance then we suggest a place that is otherwise often soulless; Canary Wharf.

Not known for its true foodie outlets, Canary Wharf is home to the tasty Chai Ki. Split between a tapas offering a three-course menu, Chai Ki offers something for informal and formal covers alike. The food is memorable and the spices lighten up the wharf.


The best of British can truly be found in London. Roast London is a bastion of British culinary excellence and the namesake dish is the must-order. Sat above the famous Borough Market, take the short lift journey to the tranquil of Roast for beef and cocktails. The modern menu is deep-rooted in classic British cuisine and the mix works extraordinarily.

You can’t go wrong with a roast and Roast is the place for a roast!

Street Food

While Roast (above) offers a sea of tranquility from the craziness of Borough Market, the market has some of the most tantalising food on offer in the whole city. From African to Asian, the market stalls are full of global culinary delights that should not be missed on your next visit to London. Turn up with no agenda and allow yourself to be guided by the sights and smells of this historic market place!

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