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The UK boasts of incredible sites that are bursting with culture and history, and for anyone looking to have a great time on vacation, this is the place to be. It is also quite easy to get around the region owing to the many transport options in play. You can choose to get around by public transport or through private means, and either way, you will have an experience that you will not forget. It is not possible to highlight all the places which you can visit but here are some of the best attractions in the region to date.



This top-rated attraction lies ten miles north of Salisbury on the Salisbury Plain. It is one of the most revered pre-historic monuments with record visits each year. This site is so popular that if you wish to guarantee access to it, you should get a timed ticket in advance. The megaliths got erected between 3000 and 1500 BC, and there are many experiences through which visitors get to understand how all this came to be. The visitor center also has hundreds of ancient objects used in the Neolithic age. You cannot tour the stones during the opening hours. However, you can always reserve access to the site in the early morning or late evening before the visitor center opens.

While at Stonehenge, there are many beautiful hotels from which you can seek accommodation at reasonable prices. They include The Antrobus, Travelodge Amesbury Stonehenge, and Holiday Inn Salisbury.



It is entirely possible to tour the UK without making a stop in London. However, this would make you miss out on all the attractions that the city has in store for you. History lovers especially love touring the Tower of London which has held many titles over the centuries. From palace to prison, you name it; this tower has served many purposes. As such, it houses lots of weaponry, and there is a lot of history that you can get from one visit. If you are more into royalty than unearthing the past, a visit to the Buckingham Palace will do you a whole lot of good, and while you are here, you can visit the palace state rooms. For people who love being in the know of the political happenings in the country, how about a stroll down the Whitehall Road from where you can view the Parliament buildings? It’s always quite a scene when there is a royal wedding, and Westminster Abbey is the place to be if you fancy being around such glamour. Other than these attractions, tourists also love Trafalgar Square, the National History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

There are lots of beautiful places where you can stay during your London visit for a reasonable fee, and they include the New Road Hotel, the Tower, the Park Grand Paddington Court, and the Grosvenor Hotel.



Scotland is a stunning country which people adore for its culture and Edinburgh is one of the cities that continue to hold Scotland’s flag high owing to its numerous attractions. People recognize this city for its historic buildings which are well-preserved and stable to date, with the most notable one being the Edinburgh Castle. This structure came to be in the 13th century, and it features a palace and a memorial where you can learn a lot about the city’s history. The Stone of Scone, which was once in London for seven centuries, also lies here. From the castle, exploring other historic sites is a breeze as they are quite close to it. The Royal Mile brims with cafes, galleries, boutiques, and buildings with exquisite architecture. Other amazing attractions include the National Gallery of Scotland, Princes Street, and the Royal Botanical Garden.

While you are at Edinburgh, there are lots of places where you can stay, and they include The Knight Residence by Mansley, the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel and the Radisson Blu Hotel.



This city is quite small in comparison to other UK towns. However, its attractions more than compensate for its size and there are lots of things to do. It boasts of healing waters which have attracted tourists from across the globe for hundreds of centuries. You can visit the spas and have a relaxing time before heading out to enjoy the beautiful Georgian architecture adorning the town.

The best places to stay while in this city include Bathen House, Henrietta House, and the Royal Hotel.  has found a way to combine winning and giving back in the most ingenious ways possible. It also offers tips on how best to play bingo, thus ensuring that it will not be long before you plan your next vacation. Enjoy your trip!

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