Victoria Tavern – craft beer, pizza, golf and sport in N7

As you walk down Holloway Road in North London you will see an unassuming pub on a corner that used to be called Phibbers. Renovated and re-opened in March 2018, the pub reverted back to it’s name of centuries past that is steeped in history: Victoria Tavern. You are about to find out why this is our new favourite place to drink in North London…

Craft beer in N7

If you are on the hunt for a good selection of craft beer and ale in North London then look no further than this outstanding establishment. The bar is long and it needs to be in order to house all of the craft taps that the Victoria Tavern have installed. You will find fine breweries such a Four Pure and Five Points proudly command space on the bar as well as a session beer that is specially brewed for the Victoria Tavern by Harbour Brewery.

We understand the taps will regularly be rotating but here are some top picks from our visit:

  1. Pogo from the Wild Beer Co
  2. Four Pure Juicebox (for citrus lovers)
  3. Lupuloid from the design geniuses, Beavertown

Cloudwater, Camden Hells and Guinness are also on tap so there really is something for everyone. If you aren’t sure what to go for (and with all the choice, it is a struggle) then the staff are very knowledgeable and only too happy to help.

Handmade pizza in N7

With all the drinking comes an appetite and what better food to fight the hunger than pizza. Victoria Tavern make pizzas from scratch and they look like a circle of pub food perfection as they are brought out to the tables. During the week you can get pizzas for just £5 which is a steal and we’re sure will be a very popular offer for North London locals.


Crazy Golf in N7

Yes, crazy golf. The upstairs of the pub has been transformed in to an adult games room complete with a mini crazy golf course. Burn off the pizza calories with a round of golf with friends and colleagues that will have you laughing the whole way round. It is worth calling ahead to see how busy it is and to make sure you get to tee off at the time you want to.

Watch live sports at the Victoria Tavern

You no longer have to choose between a grotty pub with average-at-best beers that are showing the big game or a TV-less pub with great beer. The Victoria Tavern have large screens throughout the pub and are going to be showing all of the live sporting events that you wish. Get a pizza, pint and settle in for an afternoon or evening of unwinding with friends and watching the footy.

This gem in N7 is worth a visit and we are sure it is set to be the most popular pub in the area.

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