Top Picks For A European Road Trip

Looking to do something different in 2019? Road trips have been a staple of newly qualified drivers with friends and elderly couples alike for decades.  The freedom of the open road allows you to create your own pathway and memories in the UK and beyond.

We’ve taken a look at the top destinations that you should pin on the map during your next trip!


You don’t have to leave the British Isles to find yourself in an idyllic seaside town. Set your sat nav for Tenby and you will wind through beautiful countryside before landing in, arguably, the nicest seaside town in the UK and beyond! Wales has so much to offer for those on an adventure; from beaches to mountains to cities and castles, you won’t get bored in this friendly country.


In the words of the Proclaimers, take a journey of 500 miles north and cross into the historic land of Scotland. Much like Wales, you won’t be short of rural driving routes and small villages to stop at in Bonny Scotland. Turn your speakers up and blast out your favourite driving songs as you discover the some of the most remote parts of the Isles. Want to discover more of The Highlands? Take away the pressures of mapping a route that includes hotels with a roof top tent.


Head south for sun and a change of culture. While there may not be much love lost between us and our close neighbours over the channel, millions of us still flock to France each year. The Eurotunnel crossing makes it so easy to drive over that there really is no explore this European mammoth!

More hours of sunshine each day, particularly as you head towards the Spanish border to the south, will help top up your vitamin D and provide the ideal backdrop for your summer road trip Spotify playlist.

Drive through the lavender fields of Provence if flat, beautiful drives are for you. If you are looking for a bit more adventure then head to one of the mountain ranges that grace this country. Whilst the Alps and Pyrenees may steal the limelight you shouldn’t overlook the Jura. Meander around the great lakes that are set among the mountain ranges if you are willing to take on steep climbs, single lane tracks and breathtaking views.

Where next?

Another great reason to use France as part of your next road trip is that it is truly a gateway to the rest of Europe. Those countries are:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Monaco (principality)

Each of those countries offer something unique to fit your road trip needs and wants! High speed seekers will enjoy the famous autobahn’s in Germany whilst the slower lanes of Switzerland will appeal more to others. The key to any road trip is less about the road you travel and more about who you are travelling with. Cheesy? Yes. True? Yes!

If you have been on a road trip in recent years or decades gone-by, let us know the highlights and any tips you have for people who may be following in your tyre tracks!

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