The Ultimate Packing List for Your Next Trip to Serbia

Serbia is a country in the Balkan Peninsula with immense tourism potential. Formerly included in the Soviet Union, it displays marvelous forms of Communist architecture. Serbia is a country which has a lot of tourists throughout the year, and a lot of its economy depends on this industry. The weather here is varied from north to south with tropical to dry and cold features. People in Serbia dress apt for any situation, and a tourist should also carry at least one dress for dinner. People in Serbia are pretty happy and interacting, so one should enjoy their stay here and rejoice the warm welcome. There are certain things that if packed along will help you relish the trip to Serbia even more. Here are the essential things to be carried on your next trip to Serbia.

1) Clothing – Dress legit according to the plan. Carrying less slouchy clothes would be a smart move. Fashion is an up-to-date factor in the country. Clothing like a jumpsuit is a bright dress for a Serbian tour. Pack at least one suit for a dinner program and you are almost ready. The rain is also unpredictable in certain parts of the country so you should also carry a raincoat even in the summers. According to the weather, you should also bring warm clothes as the southern part experience quite a bit of snowfall during the winters. For footwear you can pack shoes according to your dresses, however getting a water-resistant one is better and also flip-flops if necessary.


2) Gadgets – Among gadgets, to capture the beautiful cultural heritage you most definitely should carry your camera along with all your necessary accessories. A money belt is also a handy article to carry for a trip to Serbia, as the tour will include quite a bit of hiking and walks. European countries have a different kind of plug sockets which isn’t prevalent in the other parts of the world. Carrying an adaptor for your plug sockets is an ultimate necessity. Backpacks are preferred over suitcases, as most of the buildings don’t have a lift. A smartwatch is necessary to keep track of time at home as well as in Serbia. Organizing yourself on a tab is preferred over doing the same on a notepad.


3) Medical Supplies – If you are prescribed on any remedial course always carry the course so that it will last the trip. Along with it also pack the prescription. Water and food from a new environment might not always suit you immediately, so carry digestive and anti-diarrhea medicines. Others include antiseptic creams and tablets and also any other forms of medical equipment like syringes if necessary. Having medications for malaria, flu and other common fever is always good for you. Carrying a small first aid kit along with band-aids and wound bandages are also advantageous. Altitude sickness medicines are also required to be brought for people with such problems. Make sure your vaccination courses needed to travel to Serbia are completed. Keep other necessary medicinal items like tablets for headache, ointments for pain and crepe bandages.

4) Toiletry Bag – Your body is suited to the cosmetics and toiletry materials you use. It is smart to carry those materials along with you instead of trying new products in a new place where you went to enjoy. You wouldn’t want to have any problems during the tour. Bring your toiletry supplies like shampoo, hair products, skin creams, sunscreens and others in a hanging toiletry bag. You can hang the toiletry bag in a suitable place and also it consumes less space in your luggage. Carry your toothbrush and brushing paste in the bag as well as any sort of beauty products or styling items that you use.

5) Documents Among the records you should have your passport as well as a few copies of it in case of loss. Have a map of Serbia and a guide for the country. It is a basic necessity for all trips, and you should consider it here as well. A prescription of any prescribed medicine is required to be brought. Travel insurance is also required to be done and brought along with you for the trip. A couple of passport sized photographs are needed for purposes like phone card purchase is expected to be carried.

6) Miscellaneous – Among other various things to carry is a translator which will help you communicate with the local people. Serbian is the official language here, and other languages like Hungarian, Croatian, Slovak, Romanian and Russian are also spoken here. An unlocked phone which will support other international cards and a smartwatch is also among the necessary packing items.

7) Special Requirements – For travel to Serbia there are specific special must requirements that you should surely carry like a raincoat and waterproof boots, a universal adaptor, a translator and at least one party wear. The culture of vegan food is not very dominant in Serbia, so if you are a vegan, you should bring about information for such food supplies in the country.

With these essential, necessary things, you will be ready for your next trip to Serbia. These are the vital necessities; you may carry other personal required things with you for the journey. Always remember that Serbia is a pretty fashion oriented country and you would want to do the same and get along with the crowd.



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