The ultimate guide to the classic British road trip

A classic British road trip is a combination of a number of wonderful things. Firstly, you need to consider a car with rich English heritage, then you need to decide which of the UK’s gorgeous roads to take it on, and finally you need to decide what you’re going to eat along the way.

The car

You have a wealth of amazing cars to choose from. If you want something refined, go for a classic Jaguar. If you’re looking for a bit of roar in a tidy package, a Triumph will do the trick. Or, maybe, you want to channel a bit of Bond, in that case go for an Aston Martin or perhaps even a Lotus.

The car you choose will be the cornerstone of your road trip. Of course, if you have your own classic vehicle, you’re good to go but if you don’t, consider hiring one.

The destinations

If you have the time, I’d suggest tackling the whole of the UK. The terrain is varied, beautiful and so much fun to drive. If you don’t have weeks spare to play on Britain’s roads, here are some suggestions of how to break it up.

Lake District – Here you’ll find some spectacular mountain passes. They might not be for the faint-hearted but they’re so much fun in a car with a little bit of power.

Northumberland – The Northumberland coast is a must-drive stretch of England. It’s part of a scenic drive that takes you into the east of Scotland. Keep an eye out for the fairytale castle of Bamburgh perched above the road.

The Highlands – You could spend weeks covering Scotland in your car and a great place to start would be Inverness but if you’re pushed for time and can’t get that far north, you can drive the Trossachs near Loch Lomond.

South Coast – If you want to explore the south of our country, take a drive along the Jurassic Coast but aim for Hampshire and Beaulieu. Here you’ll find the Beaulieu Motor Museum, which is a key stop for any car lover.

North Norfolk – In the east you’ll find North Norfolk and its famous coast road. While this part of the world is fantastic for walking, the roads are wonderful too. The coastline is gently rolling with a wide range of terrain. Stop for an ice cream on the seafront or travel down to the Manor Hotel in Mundesley for a carvery.

Llangoed Hall – Over in Wales you’ll find a spectacular hotel called Llangoed Hall. Not only is it situated near some fantastic roads but it’s a great place to photograph your car mid-trip. Hang around for the amazing Welsh hospitality and food.

Coventry Transport Museum – Another stop for car-lovers is the Coventry Transport Museum. It houses a huge collection of British vehicles and tells the story of the Coventry and its people.

You also need to consider what you’re going to eat and drink a long the way. Look for roadside pubs and cafes serving local produce as this will give you a real flavour of the places you pass through, even if you can’t stop to explore.

What’s your idea of the perfect classic British road trip?

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Jess Shanahan is a motoring journalist and works with classic car hire portal She spends much of her time road tripping around the UK and beyond in a variety of different cars, both modern and classic.

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