The future of cruising

Move aside generations X and Y, there are new bosses in town! Royal Caribbean have assembled a team of children to help shape the future of cruising. Mad? Maybe. Publicity stunt? Probably. Valuable? Definitely.

Cuteness aside, this is a shrewd move from the cruising giant as not only are these young brain-boxes their future clients, they are already having a significant impact on purchasing decisions. 68% of children are actively involved with the research and decision-making process for cruise purchases that their parents make. Youngsters are likely to have seen more of the world before their 10th birthday than their grandparents experienced in their whole lifetime; times they are a changin’!

What will the new Royal Caribbean panel do?

Cruise ships take a decade to go from sketches to the high seas. Harnessing the unrivalled imagination and excitement of children is going to help Royal Caribbean stay ahead when it comes to on-board entertainment and cruise experience innovation.

While the introductory video shows the new Royal Caribbean team discussing ideas such as a mini-submarine for children to use when cruising and water slides controlled by the riders, there was also suggestions relating to seeing animals from around the world in their natural habitat. The human desire to explore the world hasn’t passed the new generation of travellers by.

We will keep an eye on innovations that come out from the cruise company and see how much their new recruits end up shaping the future of cruising for us all!

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