Staycation vs vacation: Why London is the perfect choice for your next trip

In the Brexit era, it’s easy to see the appeal of staying at home – in preference to heading abroad – for your much longed-for holiday. The Express website observes that the pound has continued to struggle, leaving holidayers with relatively little in their pockets after overseas jaunts.

Flight delays are another nuisance which you can usefully avoid when you go down the “staycation” route – and there are particularly good reasons to give London a premier position on your roadmap.

Staycation or vacation? Many Britons have already chosen

Britain has flourished in popularity as a tourist destination among its own natives. Given modern challenges faced with overseas travel, this trend perhaps shouldn’t surprise. In any case, it has been given further detail by London Post, which reveals that 26% of us have UK holidays up to five times yearly. That revelation comes from a survey indicating that another 12% do so over five times a year.

Even many of us less inclined to regularly embark on British-based trips seem open to the idea, as 44% of the survey respondents reported pursuing such a journey at least once yearly. Nonetheless, with 28% saying that they still holidayed elsewhere in Europe twice or thrice a year, the excitement of a continental trip still seems to hold a certain degree of sway.

So, why should you forgo booking that flight or cruise and instead start looking for London-based accommodation? The answer is simple: our capital already has many attractions of the type that you might usually anticipate seeing in further-flung corners of Europe.

Why the capital of the UK is more than OK

One good case in point is food. 33% of people replying to the survey cited the availability of a range of cuisine as a major plus point of holidaying in European settings other than Britain. However, the Notting Hill part of London is home to Portobello Market, where you can easily choose from a wide palette of food including curry, bratwurst, paella and fish and chips.

If you are looking for cultural nourishment instead, you can get it at the Tabernacle, a Grade II-listed building where a range of music and comedy is regularly served up in Notting Hill. You wouldn’t be sleeping far from either Portobello Market or the Tabernacle if you book one of the hotels in Shepherds Bush; choose the Dorsett accommodation for the comfort that comes with a big brand.

From that base in west London, you could also easily hop over to Kensington, where the Italian eatery Enoteca Rosso comes highly recommended by Country & Town House’s resident Italian. The site particularly recommends the broccoli- and ricotta-filled ravioli among the delicacies offered.

While you are in Kensington, why not drop by the Leighton House Museum? This George Aitchison-designed building was once the residence and studio of major Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton. Today, “Leighton Lates” including life drawing and live music can be enjoyed in the building, while you also shouldn’t overlook the cinematic delights screened at Ciné Lumière.

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