Single Traveller: (lack of) love is expensive

As people splash out on Valentines Day, singletons may think they have got away without the financial burden on this day of love. Ahead of Single Awareness Day tomorrow (February 15th), new research released by Wonga shows just how expensive a solitary life can be and the stats about travel bookings struck a cord with us.

If you are looking to go on holiday without a partner then you are facing a surcharge of ~£100 based on a trip to Gran Canaria. The reason for this is that sharing a room allows you to split the costs between the two occupants which is something that isn’t possible if you are the only one taking on the cost. Those looking for a city break then sadly it is very similar story of paying over the odds compared to the Valentine lovebirds; a 3 night stay in Berlin will cost a single traveller £381 compared to the £212 rate per person for couples. Closer to home, a trip to the spectacular Edinburgh would see an individual pay exactly the same as a couple!

At least you only have to buy one meal so save money when eating out though, right? Well, restaurants aren’t single-friendly either with promotions all focused around couples families. Popular deals such as Pizza Express £5 pizza offers as seen on can’t be applied to single diners so you end up paying the full price (or near enough).

What can you do about it? There are a whole host of travel companies who specialise in negotiating preferential deals for solo holidaymakers so they could be your first port of call. Secondly, speak to your friends in a similar situation and benefit from the better rates without having to be a partner or simply just take the hit and enjoy the holiday in the knowledge you will probably have a better break than those with a partner or kids in tow!

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