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Foodies are spoilt for choice when in the capital city. Always on the pursuit to bring you the best of London, we took at visit to the highly-reviewed Roast restaurant at Borough Market to see what all the fuss was about!

Situated atop of the world famous food market, Roast is an oasis of calm and sophistication among the hustle and bustle of the stall-holders calls below. We were welcomed to Roast by a very hospitable team and shown to a table that offered views of the top of St Pauls’ Cathedral as well as the market below. Sitting down for brunch meant that the first menu item to order was an easy choice; a Bloody Mary. Presented with an extensive Bloody Mary menu, I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy our time at Roast.

While I sipped on the tastiest breakfast drink I have had it was time to choose what food to order. Although both sides of the menu were full of appealing dishes, it didn’t take long to decide what to ask the attentive waiting staff for: the Ultimate Breakfast Burger.

roast london

Ultimate Breakfast Burger – Roast, London

You won’t need any food for many hours before or after this bagel-based feast. The burger tastes even better than it sounds on the menu.

Sitting upon a toasted cinnamon and raisin
bagel is a Bavarian smoked pork patty,
topped with a towering combination of
crispy maple bacon, Portobello mushroom,
tomato & pepper relish, and kale, all
garnished with a perfectly runny fried hens

A cinnamon and raisin bagel didn’t cry out, “British Brunch Heaven!” to me but it was an inspired creative choice from head chef, Stuart Cauldwell. The sweetness of the bagel balanced perfectly with the hearty meat and multi-layered filling. This Instagram-worthy burger was not far off a food challenge you may see advertised on Facebook! Offensive to many foodies, I am a lover of Tomato Ketchup. The fact that the ketchup bottle lid was left firmly closed shows how tasty each part of this burger is.

Priced at £14.95, the Ultimate Breakfast Burger is good value and a must-have for a true British brunch.

Vegetarian? Don’t despair!

Vegetarian dishes are far from an after-thought at this modern British restaurant. This was the vegetarian equivalent to the meat feast:

Ultimate beetroot veggie burger with avocado, spiced carrot chutney
and a pickled walnut mayonnaise

Having elected for this colourful dish, it was as much a piece of art as it was a meal! The quality was superb and you could tell that is a vegetarian-first burger rather than a meat-free version of a main menu item. Pickled walnut mayonnaise is something you have probably never had but will now crave every time you need a dip for your chips. According to the chef it is, “easy to make” but I can assure you that is another example of the talented Mr Cauldwell being very humble!

roast london

We will be featuring more from Roast restaurant very soon. Find an excuse to go to Roast and you will not be disapointed.

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Book your table online via the Roast London website here.



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