How Can I Make My Travelling Dreams A Reality?

We’ve all thought about it at least once. Cutting all ties, packing our lives into a rucksack, hoisting them onto our backs, and heading out for the horizon. But is it actually realistic, and financially viable? If you’ve really thought about it and it’s what you want, there are some ways you can fulfil your wanderlust and make your dreams, a reality.


  • If you’re tied to a mortgage and a 9-5 job, and what you really want is to pack up your things and get away, you’ll need the money to do so. Even with your salary, having a mortgage to pay will undoubtedly drain your travel funds. If you’re serious about upping and offing, then selling your home quickly to a cash buyer could give you the start-up money you need. Finding a cash buyer isn’t easy, however websites such as ReadySteadySell are a great way to  go about this, and will also value your home for you.
  • Prepare effectively, and realistically. Ensure that your passport is in date within the

time constraints for all of the countries you want to go to, and for the amount of time you’re away. You’ll also have to ensure that you get your travel vaccinations prior to leaving. Some of these are available for free on the NHS, but there are certain ones you may have to pay for. Make sure you’re sorted for every country you want to visit!

  • Don’t pack like you’re going on holiday, because you’re not. You’ll need the basics for all weathers/situations you might encounter, but you’ll also need to remember

whenever you’re travelling you’ll need to carry it with you. Make sure you plan ahead, and this shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Look at the cheapest times to fly, and book these flights. Likewise, look at the cheapest places to live. Although living in hotels and being waited on hand and foot may seem appealing, it’s not realistically sustainable for long. Hostels and Airbnbs are the way forward.
  • Consider countries where you can apply for a year long working holiday visa. In places such as Australia and New Zealand, it’s possible to experience living in a foreign country without finding work sponsorship in advance.
  • Likewise, there are many jobs you can do abroad, and you’ll need to consider this in order to sustain yourself. In many places if you have the correct qualifications, you can teach English, and even if you don’t jobs in hospitality and farm-work aren’t too difficult to come by. Unfortunately neither are glamorous, but does it really matter when you’re seeing the wonders of the world?

Other Things To Consider

While there are a lot of practical elements, there’s a lot more to consider than that alone.

  • Is it really what you want? On Instagram, travelling looks easy. Long days at the beach, fires at night and life changing experiences. But it’s not that easy. If you’re doing it alone, some days are bound to be lonely, and you really are out their on your own in a strange country. It’s important you stay safe, and look after you first.
  • If you’re going to return at some point, what happens then? If you’ve sold your home and headed out into the world, but several years later you decide you want to come back to your family and settle down, you need to think about the financial side. You’ll have to find somewhere to live, and a job all over again.

On The Plus Side

Boring bits aside, travelling is a life-changing experience that no one can ever take away from you.

  • It improves your communication skills, and may even teach you a new language or two.
  • It ensures a peace of mind. If you do eventually settle, you’ll never be left with “what if”s or “I wish I’d done that”s.
  • If you’re a creative person, it can really help you develop this part of your brain. If you’re wanting to write for example, it’ll open your eyes to more of the world and you can regurgitate it on paper.
  • It will help you to deal with uncertainty, therefore making you more self sufficient.
  • It’ll give you a real-life education. School and university are instrumental in helping us to learn about the world, but they’ll never compare to experiencing these things with your own eyes.

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