Hawaii – The Most Popular Vacation Spot… But Why?

What’s your idea of the best destination? Is it somewhere hot and sunny? Imagine being at a place where you can just back any thoughts of the daily hassles. Kick off your shoes and start packing! The lush valleys, tropical beaches and snow-capped mountains await you in Hawaii! Aloha there…

The weather in Hawaii

The best time to travel to Hawaii is Spring… Why? Less rain begins to fall on the magnificent islands as the trade winds die down to their summer levels. This makes it the ideal time to visit. This period of the year is referred to as the “dry” season. The weather is close to perfect, and it is also the best time for you to find good bargain travel activities.

You’d be surprised to learn that summer is actually the “low season” in Hawaii…Though it is the low season, tourists swarm the islands as from June through August. Looking for a tan? Summer is the perfect time to travel. It is the warmest months, where the temperature can reach as high as 90, under the right conditions.

Delicacies to die for…

Fancy a bite of poh-keh? You’ll definitely enjoy the yummy cubes of raw seafood! Mixed with sauces and onions, this dish (typically with ahi tuna) is served over white rice. How about some traditional Hawaiian food? One of the favourites is called Laulau. Its pork wrapped in sheets of taro leaves and prepared in an underground hot rock for hours. This is broiled until it turns soft and smoky.

Kalua Pig is another giant of Hawaiian cuisine! It is also cooked in an underground over, where it slowly roasts so that it turns extremely tender and retain a remarkable smoky flavour. You’ll find the pungent wood smoke flavour on every bite!

Let’s go wild in nature

With over 3,000 plants not found anywhere else in the world, Hawaii is the best location to enjoy nature at its best. Dive in the blue waters to find over 600 species of exotic and colourful fish. Want to spot some whales? Go to Maui… You’ll find them particularly between November and February.There are also 13 different species of toothed dolphins. They swim in Hawaii’s waters with bottle-nosed and spinner dolphins.

More of a risk-taker? Find 40 different shark species in Hawaii with whitetip, hammerhead, reef and tiger sharks being the most common. Ever heard of the Hawaiian Monk Seal? They are a very old mammal, with only around 1,200 left. It is one of the most endangered marine mammal.

Feel the warmth of the people

Life in Hawaii is a dream for many… Why? It is not only for the breathtaking beaches, the wondrous views and the delicacies, but also for the hospitality you get from the native Hawaiian people. They are still passionate about preserving their culture and traditions.

The most heart-warming feature of Hawaiian culture is simply their welcoming, inviting and hospitable spirit. You will instantly find their kindness and hospitality in the smiles on their faces, their unique way of greeting “Aloha” and their lei-laying tradition.

Are you the adventurous type?

Perhaps lying on the beach while being sun-kissed sounds most appealing. But, did you know that there’s so much more to do in Hawaii? Head to Oahu, where you’ll find many famous sights to explore. Want to visit active volcanoes? The Big Island is the spot on destination, where you will find not 1 but 3 active volcanoes!

Snorkelling, whale watching, golfing, sightseeing, surfing, beach hopping, cultural attractions, hiking, sunset cruises, sup, helicopter tours, you name it Hawaii has it all!

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