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Short Breaks To France

France is undoubtedly one of the first countries that comes to mind for people considering a holiday or short break in Europe. Paris is the most visited city by tourists in the world which speaks volumes for what this region has to offer visitors.

Part of the appeal to travellers is its accessibility from other popular European destinations. London is only 2 hours by train and less than an hour by plane making France an ideal weekend getaway with incredibly cheap air and rail fares available throughout the year.

While Paris is world-famous for its elevated levels of culture and architecture (as well as being the most romantic city in the world), France offers a number of alternative destinations both fast and slow paced enabling you to tailor your trip to exactly what you are looking for.

Bordeaux and its surrounding regions in the South West of the country is one of the finest producers of wine in the world in addition to being an attractive port city close to the coast. With so many vineyards in this region there is plenty of beautiful countryside to see which can be explored on your own, part of an organised wine tour or better yet, by bicycle!

Nice, Cannes, Montpellier, Marseille to name but a few places, the South of France is full of interesting and scenic destinations ideal for both holidays and weekend breaks in France. Cannes is a holiday destination synonymous with the glamour and the glitz, but other areas along France’s Mediterranean coast are capable of catering to the more typical holidaymaker’s budget.

Things to Do and See

Art Gallery Louvre France
Art Galleries

The Louvre museum in Paris is one of the most significant art galleries in the world and home to the most famous painting of all time – the Mona Lisa. This is by no means the only art gallery worth visiting in France though, with the majority of French cities offering up a candidate worthy of visiting.

french Fine Dining
Fine Dining

The words “French cuisine” often conjure up the stereotypical thoughts of frogs legs and snails. In reality France offers a selection of cuisine capable of satisfying the cravings of the fussiest of diners, from entry level restaurants up to the classiest world-acclaimed elite few.

Mediterranean Beach France
Mediterranean Beaches

The south of France offers a number of beaches set against the picturesque Mediterranean coastline. Although not exactly bikini weather during the European winter months it is much milder than most of Europe at this time.

Skiing Holidays France

Don’t let the winter months get you down, hit the ski slopes and make the most of the colder weather! Ski breaks are a memorable way to pass the new year and the season is open for most of winter.

Wine Tasting France
Wine Tasting and Vineyards

Some of the finest wine producing regions in the world can be found in France. Bordeaux in particular enjoys the status of being the red wine capital of the world. Take a tour or cycle to the different vineyards in search of a good bottle to take home with you.

Where to Go

Eiffel Tower Paris

Paris is a city known throughout the world for its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre museum (home of the Mona Lisa) and the Notre Dame cathedral. It is often referred to as “the city of love” and for good reason, which is why it is such a popular place for a romantic break away.

Nice in France

While not as illustrious in reputation as Paris, Nice offers an alternative experience that is appreciated by most. Fresh sea air combines with sandy beaches to offer a city break destination with a more relaxed and leisurely feel to it. If you do get tired of sunning yourself on the beach, the main town is rich in culture and an interesting place to explore.

When to Go

France has so many different regions, towns and cities to see and things to do, that an idyllic travel destination for a short break or a longer holiday can be found any time of the year.

During the peak European summer months of July and August, Paris can be a little too busy for some due to the influx of tourists from all over the world visiting the top European hotspots. Visiting within a couple of months either side of the peak season enables you to still enjoy the better summer weather whilst also benefitting from reduced-rate hotel deals.

Ski season in France runs from around the start of November until March, but the exact dates will depend on the level of snowfall and when it arrives.

  • Visit Paris, the most popular tourist destination in the world
  • Make your way around Bordeaux’s vineyards
  • Sun yourself on one of France’s southern beaches
  • Experience some of the highest acclaimed food and drink in the world
  • Hit the slopes and make the most of the colder winter months

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