Find the Dream Spring Break Destination For You

Spring break is almost upon us! It’s the best time of year to let your hair down with friends before the stresses of finals kick in. Each popular destination has something different to offer — so which is the destination for you and your friends?

Want to know where to go for the best spring break ever? This quiz matches your personality with information provided by the U.S. News’ top destinations — so finding your dream destination will be a breeze!

The night is still young!

Everyone has that friend who insists that the party is never over, even when the rest of the group have been ready to leave for an hour. She’s the one who’s still lining up shots for people as they try to walk out the door and tries to get everybody dancing even if they’re falling asleep. Of course, there’s only one destination for this party girl and it’s Cancun.

There is no time for sleep at the notorious party hotspot Coco Bongo, as the music plays all night long. Then there’s The City, nine bars spread over three floors and host to more than five thousand people at times. This is where top international DJs have been known to perform, including the likes of Tiësto and Paul Van Dyk! What are you waiting for?

Suitcase essentials

Evenings in Cancun are just as hot as the rest of the day, so light clothing is advised! Most of the clubs state that their dress code is casual or “club attire” so whatever you feel comfortable in is what only matters.

Slumber queen

Her sleep schedule simply does not cater to late nights, and she is always looking for opportunities to leave the club early. This friend is too laid-back for a night of partying, she’d rather sleep until the early afternoon and is always the furthest away from any drama. The location for this co-ed is Punta Cana.

The town is known more for its zen vibe rather than being a non-stop party destination. Instead, go all-inclusive and you’ll struggle to find a reason to even leave the resort! Fancy doing some light exercise? Head to Bávaro or Cap Cana for a spot of golfing.

Catching rays all day long

A capsule wardrobe of bikinis is all you will need for a trip to Punta Cana, as long days are spent lounging by the pool. Grab a good book and beach towel and you’re good to go.

Dressed to the nines

She is known for her glamourous outfits and her taste for the finer things in life, and she prefers to splash out in her favourite stores than in the sea. She’s not afraid to overspend and probably has a make-up box worth more than her flight tickets to this destination! It’s no surprise that she’d fit right in at the idyllic Bahamas.

She will enter a photoshoot haven at famous beauty spots such Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve and Lucayan National Park — perfect for the ultimate spring break Insta.

What’s the dress code?

She will be on the hunt for a new selection of stunning party dresses, to take the local casinos by storm when she heads out with the girls. Don’t forget to bring a full purse because you’ll be spoilt for choice at the duty-free shops.

Summer body goals  

This girls’ middle name is “beach-ready”, and she doesn’t need to squeeze in any last-minute workouts before take-off. Whether she’s trying out the latest Kardashian fad diet or LA fitness craze, she loves nothing more than showing off her abs in a bikini. Girls like this should get their flights booked to Cabo San Lucas.

With plentiful golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas, this Mexican destination is nestled right at the edge of Baja California. While you’re here, discover the well-known rock formation The Arch of Cabo San Lucas or keep your fitness levels up with a hike up Mount Solmar.

What you’ll need to look good in Cabo

Pack your favourite bikinis, hiking boots and snorkelling gear to make the most of a holiday at Cabo San Lucas.

Hiking boots are a great idea for getting the most out of the panoramic views, while bikinis and snorkelling gear are essentials to fill up the rest of your time.

The one with the big heart

This girl loves to go above and beyond to help her friends out, it’s just in her nature. From extra-curricular charity events to fundraising for local causes, her mind is always on making a difference. These thoughtful souls should head over to Puerto Rico for spring break.

Puerto Rico is a real slice of paradise, with a backdrop of live music and a thriving local culture to sample. You can also take the opportunity to get involved with the hurricane relief efforts and help out the locals.

Relaxed wardrobe staples

There’s quite a relaxed atmosphere here, with some opportunities to learn a bit of culture so you might want to pack suitable footwear and comfortable T-shirts.

She is typically restless and there will be many opportunities for her to venture out here, so lightweight garments and comfortable footwear are great ideas.

The foodie

No meal can go ahead until this girl has got a snap of her food, and she has often uncovered hidden gems when it comes to eateries. A holiday is incomplete if it doesn’t include amazing food, so Jamaica is the ultimate spot!  

Prepare to be blown away by jerk chicken and classic Jamaican patties, and make sure to try a bit of every delicacy there is! Combine this with the idyllic beaches and relaxed reggae vibes and you’ll have a spring break you won’t forget.

Capsule wardrobe?

You will most likely be spending your days wandering through the food markets, so ensure to pack a selection shorts and t-shirts as well as your favourite comfy sandals!

Which destination will you choose?

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