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Bella Italia! Italy is one of the most gorgeous countries to visit, with a rich historic culture, amazing cuisine and beautiful landscapes, which makes it perfect for a city break or a long holiday. Here is a guide that Luiza from Cupcake Splendens has kindly put together.

10 cities in 18 days was my goal and while not the cheapest I will give you a couple of tips and tricks to make the most of your Italian Holiday.

Stay 2 or 3 days in different cities

If you want to explore the true life of Italians, staying more than 4 days in a hotel by the pool will not give you an authentic Italian experience. Instead, choose to book 2 or three nights in different cities, close to one another.

Even if they are a couple of kilometres apart, you will see clear differences between the cities and believe me, you will have loads of touristic places to visit!

Use public transportation

Using the train, bus or metro is very easy, don’t be afraid to use them. Tickets are really cheap, it costs between 3 to 7 euro to travel between major cities.

Not to mention it was so much more cheaper than renting a car and paying petrol. No fines for parking in the wrong spot and not losing your car-this actually happened to some tourists while we were visiting Padova.

Use the internet wisely!

Data roaming was not our best friend, but whenever we were in a hotel we used the internet wisely.

Knowing that Google Maps didn’t work every time when we were on the go, we had check it in our hotel room where we had free Wi-Fi and made print screens of the road to our next destinations.

Also, it’s really hard to get lost when you are asking Italians for directions; they are nice and will gladly help  you .

Stay hydrated

It is well known that Italy has long and hot summers, so having a bottle of water with you at all times is a must!

In July, temperatures can get up to 39 degrees, so staying hydrated is essential if you have to travel in the afternoon.

Best thing to do is to avoid going outside between 11:30 am- 4 pm.


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