Everything you need for the perfect European camping holiday

It’s finally beginning to warm up, which can only mean one thing – it’s camping season. Or, ‘complain about indecisive the weather is’ season.

Anyhow, wherever you’re planning on going in Europe, you’re going to need these key things. Think of this as a checklist to ensure you have a seamless camping experience.

Other than the obvious (passports, clothes unless you’re camping at a nudists beach etc.); what else is essential?

For the journey

eu camping

You’re going to want things to keep you occupied throughout the journey. Here are a few ideas to help subside the dreaded restlessness of a long journey.

Depending on how far you’re heading a travel pillow, ear plugs and eye mask are clearly going be handy. But, for those of you who hate sitting still for any period of time, then bringing along a muscle roller (as strange as it sounds) is a great idea also.

Think back to your last holiday – stuck in the car, plane or coach with next-to-no leg space. Now imagine pulling out your (be clean here) trusty muscle roller and massaging your restless legs to gain some well-needed blood circulation. Your journey is instantly more relaxing and your legs are no longer numb.

For the adventures

Of course, you’re going to be on adventure after adventure while you’re camping in Europe. Which is why you should prepare by buying the best backpacking backpacks for you and your group of travel enthusiasts.

So, what are you going to pack in your new fancy backpack? Besides the usual – a decent pair of walking boots, waterproof outerwear (because you can never trust European weather), sun cream and sunglasses – you should also bring along a few fun games. eu camping

Like what? Well, it depends what kind of camping trip you’re going on. One could suggest cards against humanity, but that would be inappropriate for the families looking for some innocent suggestions. In which case, bring with you some bracelet glow sticks for a game of night-time Hoopla.

For those of you who don’t know what Hoopla is; throwing hoops onto sticks. But we’re suggesting using glow sticks and playing in the dark. Yeah, really ‘out-there’ aren’t we?

For bedtime

You need to get a good camping tent for your trip. One that’s weather-resistant and big enough for your entire group to comfortably fit in. It’s a good plan to purchase a risen bed for optimal comfort and to avoid any little critters crawling where no creature should go – we’re talking about your smelly feet, don’t be crude.


For those of you who weren’t listening – yes, we’re talking to you, Susanne. Here’s a recap of the things we listed:eu camping

  • Muscle roller
  • Fancy backpack
  • Cards against humanity
  • Glow sticks for Hoopla
  • Weather-resistant tent
  • Risen bed



Have we missed anything? It’s okay, you can tell us off in the comments as long as you give this article a ‘like’. We’re kidding of course –  but do let us know if you’ve got any more suggestions for our fellow campers out there. Anyway, enjoy!

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