Blogger of the week: Emma-Leigh Hull

This week we meet Emma Hull and ask her questions about her blogging life.

1) Where can we find your blog and what is it about?

Hi there! You can find my blog over on (unique name) and it is all about where I have been, where I am going and where I want to go. I tend to go out for brunch a lot too, so there is also quite a lot of content on my weekly avocado intake.

2) How long have you been blogging?

Actually not that long, probably for around about a year now.

3) What was the main reason you started to blog?

I started my blog as part of a university assignment and because I enjoy connecting with people over social networking, enjoy sharing my thoughts with my followers and get motivated by the growth in traffic, I thought that I would continue it this year too! I love travelling, which is why I originally started out as just a travel blog before incorporating food into it, so it is a great way to look back at all my great travel experiences too.

4) Where do you get your content inspiration from?

Other blogs- I see other influencers go to exciting places in the UK and the world and I just think, damn, I want to go there. I use other ‘things to do in…’ blogs as inspiration of things to do on my travels, and then from there, I tend to write my own with anything different that I did. If I am really having a bad content day, then I just look back at all the places that I have been and do sub-itineraries; for example, I visited the Grand Canyon whilst in Vegas, so rather than including it in a combined blog, I also produced a separate one for the Canyon. There is always content somewhere or other, you just need to look hard!

5) What are your travel plans for 2018?

I have too many! My goal by the time I reach 25 in two years is to visit 30 countries, and I am currently on 23 so it is pretty do-able. I have booked to go to Mexico in May which is exciting as I am really in need of a bit of sun, but also to Marrakech over my birthday in October. I haven’t been to Africa so that is pretty exciting. I am hoping to squeeze another city break (or two) somewhere in summer too!

6) What are the biggest challenges you face when blogging? Any advice or tips for others?

Gaining interactions. Sometimes it literally feels like you are putting in so much effort just to talk to yourself which can be demotivating. I think it just takes motivation and constant perseverance with blogging to eventually start getting the traffic you never really thought that you’d get when you started. I have gone from below 50 views a blog when I started, to now hitting between 400-600 which isn’t that much to bigger bloggers, but to me it seems pretty impressive.

7) Describe your dream holiday!

My dream holiday would be to go away for a long time, when I say long, I mean around 6-12 weeks and stay in different cities and countries and experience different cultures. I would love to visit South America and spend time getting around without a plan. I’d like to be able to wake up in Costa Rica and think ‘I am done here now, I think I will head on to my next country now’ and have no real structure.


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