Best Honeymoon Locations

Organising the big day can be stressful but honeymoon planning is undeniably an absolute joy! This special trip, whether taken straight after your wedding or months and years down the line, should be truly rememberable and this guide will help you along your way.

With so many honeymoon locations to choose from around the world, it is a good idea to start by choosing the type of honeymoon you are wanting to have. Whether it be luxury, adventure, tranquility or a mix of all 3 then there really is something for everyone.

Best Honeymoon Locations

Luxury honeymoon holidays

Kick-off your marriage how you mean to go on with a luxury honeymoon! Whilst it is possible to achieve luxury pretty much anywhere you go, the unrivalled leaders are honeymoons South Asia.

The flight to Asia is significantly longer than a European city break but you will land in a different world completely. Head to Sri Lanka (check flights) if you want the ultimate romantic getaway. Stroll down the beach hand-in-hand before jumping on a train and taking in the dramatic scenery before finding yourself at the Dambulla Buddha Caves.

Where else can you have beach and rainforest honeymoons at the same time? Walk and swim with wildlife, eat exquisite food and discover a whole new world in Sri Lanka!

City Honeymoons

Honeymoons don’t just have to be about beach walks and palm trees. City honeymoons continue to be a really popular getaway choice among newly-weds. Snap a lovers selfie in Times Square or take a View From The Shard in London with a glass of champagne to toast the new chapter of your life.

Booking the right hotel is paramount to having a dreamy honeymoon. Many hotels will offer honeymoon suites with the best views and facilities in the whole resort; let the hotel know the reason that you’re staying!

If a cityscape is preferable to landscape then find a city that has the mix of culture, adventure and attractions you desire. New York is a classic as it has so much to offer and is iconic as they come! Sit down with your partner and Tripadvisor open to plan your dream holiday with as many or few activities as you wish. Doing less can be more!

Bored of the Empire State building? Jet off to Toronto and have coffee (okay, Champagne) in bed while taking in the incredible Needle building. Venture out for dinner at the CN Tower and have a 360 degrees culinary experience if you want a side dish of having your breath taken away!

One final idea is a city within a city… Disneyland Paris! A whole universe created with magic, romance and storytelling at the heart makes Disneyland an ideal backdrop to a honeymoon. There are resorts around the world so you can marry up the Magic Kingdom visit with a city, beach or even rainforest honeymoon.

Whatever type of honeymoon you are planning to have, enjoy the magical time with your loved one.

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