What is the best day to book a flight?

It is now so quick and easy to search for flights that for some of us it is a daily habit as we dream of going on holiday! When it comes down to booking that long-dreamed of trip then the day and month you book in and for can have a significant impact on the cost of the flights. There are lots of theories on the best and worst time to book flights so we have turned to a piece of research by Expedia to find the answers.

What day should you book your flights on?

If you are looking to book an international economy flight then you are most likely to get the best price on a Sunday. If you are dreading the thought of work on Monday then make the most of this information to get the best fares while unwinding on a Sunday. Once you have decided on your destination then search and compare airfares online to see the prices different providers are offering.

Expedia’s research also shows that if you fly on a Friday then the price of travel will be lower. Use Friday as your starting point but, if you can be flexible, select different weeks to see if there is a noticeable difference in price.

What are the cheapest months to travel in?

It is no secret that school holidays are nearly always more expensive. If you are looking to jet away for Christmas or New Years Eve then you will be facing the most expensive month of the year for flight fares, according to recent research from Expedia. Deal hunters can bag a bargain by travelling in May as this pre-Summer holiday rush month has the lowest average ticket price.

Should you book flights at the last minute to save money?

You have probably seen adverts and heard of friends who have managed to get amazing last minute flight deals. While some airlines do offload empty seats for a discounted price close to the departure date, you are actually most likely to get the lowest price if you book more than 30 days ahead of your flight.

Expedia crunch 19 quadrillion potential flight itineraries to work out the best flight deals so you can be confident that they have a more comprehensive system than a person with a phone and glass of wine! Let them do the deal hunting for your next trip.

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