4 Adventures for the Perfect Parent-Teen Bonding Experience

Nearly every parent of teens has experienced some sense of there being a void in their relationship. If that is the case for you, then you’ve probably tried out a few different ways to bond with your child. Even if you have a great relationship with them, it’s important to seek out activities to keep that bond alive. One way to do that is through experiencing new things together. Here are several adventures that you and your teen might enjoy doing.

Hawaii: Surfing in Paradise

If you have a teen who loves the beach and appreciates being out in nature, the surfing might be just the thing to do. Out of all of the beaches in the United States, Hawaii has some of the most beautiful ones with the best surfing waves. If you and your teen already surf, then head out to the islands for a few days and experience what the ocean has to give you.

If either of you don’t surf, then you might want to consider extending your stay to fit in some lessons and give you enough time (a week or two) to get to the point where you’re comfortable heading out to the beach without an instructor to enjoy surfing together.

Alaska: The Mecca of Wildlife

Getting back to nature can be an important part of developing a bond with another person. In this state, you’ll be able to see the Alaskan Wildlife—such as grizzly and polar bears—up close. You could even go hunting for moose (when in season) or fishing for Salmon.

While out in nature doing whatever you’ll be doing, you’ll be able to develop new skills together. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about each other through conversation. These conversations might be different from those you’d be able to have at home as you won’t have the distractions of your daily schedules. You could even go so far as to make this a no technology trip and limit your cell phone usage so that you could just focus on building your relationship.

Utah: Zion National Park

As a premier traveling destination located in Southern Utah, this is the place to be if you have a teen who is a thrill seeker or dare devil. Even if your teen is less of those extremes and more into art and photography, it is still a great option. Zion’s offers a ton of hikes with most offering amazing views. Some trails are known for their steep and rough trails that challenge even the most experienced of hikers. If you bring a camera along, make sure that it is lightweight and that the gear is as compact as possible so that you don’t get tired out from lugging it around the massive park.

Although you can find a hotel nearby, it might be worth it to just set up camp at a nearby campground and continue experiencing nature. After all, many relationships have been strengthened by conversations around a campfire.

French Canada: Visit French Canada & the Maritimes

One of the best things to do is to leave the country and experience something different. If you live in the United States, Canada is not too far away. You may just think of it as the “North United States” and never have given it real thought. Yet, there is so much to experience there—especially in French Canada and in the Maritimes.

The area of Quebec is often considered to be “French Canada” as it was originally colonized by the French. These historical roots are still influential and evident today when it comes to the language, food, and many other aspects of a French Canadian’s life. If your teen has taken French in school, this might be the perfect opportunity for them to practice their chosen second language. Be aware, however, that the dialect is different in Canada than it is in France.

Quebec is actually a part of what is called the Maritimes, which includes the St. Lawrence Seaway where there is much to be seen. In fact, it might just be best to take a St. Lawrence Seaway cruise just so you can get a glimpse of it all. There are over a thousand islands there—including Prince Edward Island which is where the book Anne of Green Gables takes place. Among other things, you’d be up close with nature and could possibly end up seeing blue whales and humpbacks.

It’s never too late to start bonding with your teen. Hopefully, the above adventures have given you a few ideas of some things that you can do together to help build your relationship.

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